Sean Fagan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Sean Fagan Criminal Defense Lawyer
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Our criminal lawyers in Calgary have successfully defended these cases, involving assault and violent offenses in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Nunavut. A marked increase in crimes of violence has given rise to tougher laws, increased vigilance by the police, and stiffer sentences by the courts. These cases often involve the media and evoke powerful emotional responses. The result is pressure from a misinformed public to convict and imprison. Many offenses that previously resulted in a fine or probation now attract jail sentences, for which the law often imposes a mandatory minimum period measured in years. The successful defense by Sean Fagan Criminal Defence Lawyer often involves challenging the credibility and reliability of witnesses through effective cross-examination. If you are charged with a crime of violence, it is important to retain experienced legal counsel who can assess your case and develop an effective defence strategy on your behalf.

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